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Tonia is one hot young babe and any old guy’s fantasy. This old guy is the one who gets to have a go on her however, and although her boyfriend isn’t too keen when he comes back into the room after having to leave for a while, he knows that it’s for the bet when Tonia learns so man dirty tricks from the old timer. Experience simply can’t be beaten when it comes to fucking and the boyfriend takes quite a lot from the encounter himself. Both guys end up shaking hands and leaving on good terms. That’s what we call getting on with people! When you’re prepared to share your woman with another guy, particularly with someone who fucks better than you, you’re certainly a team player.

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Old Goes Young - Old Goes Young password

Nina is the girl of the moment in this Old Goes Young scene and she gets her sweet pussy fucked good and hard by the old guy. She doesn’t really look like she’s interested at all before they get it on, but once her boyfriend is gone for a whole and the old guy starts turning on the charm she soon begins top real and allow the filthy old perv to get his hands on her lovely pert tits. It a gets much harder from there and when she find gets his cock in her hand there’s no stopping her. She isn’t phased at all when her boyfriend comes back to find her fucking another man, she simply wants him to join in,

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Old Goes Young - Old Goes Young pass

This is a classic Old Goes Young scene and it’s one of our favourites. Ginger is one of the hottest young babes we’ve featured on the site and she gets one of the best shags too. Little does she realise that she is going to be left alone with this horny old bastard and that she is going to be drilled from top to bottom by his cock whilst her boyfriend takes care of something off screen for a while. It’s a great scene that gets even better when her boyfriend comes back in and catches the old guy with his cock stuck in Ginger’s pussy. What can he do other than join in and benefit from the experience too? They all took a lot away from this scene and we are sure that Ginger and her boyfriend have a much more adventurous sex life since this encounter!

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Old Goes Young - Old Goes Young free

Simona never had a thing for bearded guys before this shoot, and she certainly hadn’t considered older men either; particularly fat old men like this guy. But oh oh boy has she learned that these old guys can fuck! This fat, bearded old guy may look like he’d have trouble combing the stairs, but when you see him boning Simona and hardly breaking a sweat you can tell that this isn’t his first young babe on the couch. The action continues to get hotter as they are interrupted by Simona’s boyfriend, who walks back into the room only to be confronted with the two of them fucking right before his very eyes. The inevitable arguments occur but are soon extinguished as the boyfriend realises his woman is having a nice time and considers that he may as well join them!

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The older guy will usually win out in the end when it comes to getting the girl, but this older guy isn’t out to take the other guy’s girl away, he just wants to help out a little and maybe have a little fun himself. When he finds a way to get rid of the girl’s boyfriend he decides to make a move on her and is a little surprised when she doesn’t pout up much of a fight at all! Perhaps she’s been waiting for a guy like this to take control for a while? Anyway, it all soon kicks off, especially when the boyfriend returns and has a hard lesson to learn while he watches his girlfriend sucking on another guy’s cock! Experience wins over in the end however, and everyone ends up very happy indeed.

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Alisa may fight a little to begin with, but once she sees the benefit of this old guy’s wisdom when it comes to fucking she soon relaxes into the swing of things. She has such a lovely, pert young body with a near perfect pussy; this old timer doesn’t know how lucky he is. If it wasn’t for the trusting nature of her boyfriend none of this would have been able to take place. This old guy, and us too, have a lot to thank him for! When he walks back into the room having been out for a short time, the shock on his face is hilarious; however, he too is soon introduced to the wisdom of the older man when he gets his girlfriend performing in ways he never thought she would be able to.

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Old Goes Young - Old Goes Young download

Celine doesn’t really look like she wants to take part in this freakish activity, but nce this old guy gets his cock in her mouth she looks up at his though she didn’t know how it happened and them quite happily continues to suck on that cock. Her boyfriend had to leave the scene of course and the old guy made his move; and what a move it was. Thinking that he was leaving his girlfriend in safe hands, this boyfriend comes back only to find that those hands were a little too eager to please!

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Old Goes Young - Old Goes Young torrent

When this llona met this old guy with. Her boyfriend she didn’t have any idea she would be spit roasted by the two of them by the end of their meeting. Mind you, her boyfriend didn’t know either, in fact the only one the would have had an inclining about what might happen was the old guy. You can tell by watching him from the beginning that the cunning old dog was planning to get in her panties before too long. And sure enough, when her boyfriend leaves for a short time, the old guy gets his way and charms his way into her knickers without much trouble at all. Experience counts for a lot these days! Her boyfriend is more than a little surprised when he returns to print his woman getting nailed by this fat old git, but then he’s also equally as turned on! What you gonna do?

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